Parenting with automatic weight very slow [Solved]

Try to parenting with automatic weight and it become very slow. More than 40 minutes, and cannot understood why. The mesh is not too dense (parenting similar meshes frequently during my work week) and usually take few seconds to a couple of minutes, now this is the second mesh give me a problem like this. The mesh was before parented to another armour, but I cancelled not only previous parenting (deleting armour modifier) but also cancelled all the vertex group.

Any tips about?

Can’t see what you have. Post a blend here

thanks for your reply. I upoloaded the basic scene here:

try to parenting the simple object to riggify generated armature and let me know.


It’s your mesh. Blender doesn’t do automatic weights well with triangulated and overlapping mesh. You can parent your parts with empty groups and then manually weight paint them. If you turn on just the DEF bones in your rig and then go into weight paint mode after you bind your armature, you can try to use your automatic weight painting bone by bone and that may speed it up some. For example on your pants, I think you only need 7 or eight bones so manually painting the weight would not be that big a deal. Alternatively, you could retopo the mesh and use normal maps. This crops up all the time with triangulated meshes.

The mesh is actually triangulated because I decimated for lighted upload/download. Uploaded the actual mesh, I did automatic weight usually without problems for other project involving the some mesh, the problem (seems) start when I need to parent the mesh to another rig (both from riggify, but with some little difference, i.e. some bone position)

Still, have the same problem, cannot parenting or parenting with automatic weights is too slow (needs hours)
here another file if someone wants to test it, the mesh is not the some I use (mesh don’t fit rigging, but the result is the some):

Someone know why?

Another file if someone wants to test it, this time the armature is correctly lined with the body (some result, took forever for parenting with automatic weight) :

Hi there,
I didn’t check on the files you have shared here, so what i will say is more about those files that you have in phabricator. Since no else had complained about this problem, i m suspecting this is your own problem.

Let’s try to investigate where comes the problem.

-1. What is you spec? is your computer fast enough to handle heavy mesh?
-2. Try to load factory settings and see if the problem is there? May be an addon or some settings you have save that drags you?
-3. Try a low poly mesh and see how it turns out. Those meshes shared in phabricator were pretty heavy.
-4. One of your mesh wasn’t align well with armature, but this is a minimal problem.
-5. How familiar are you with this process (Rigging)?

ps: Please don’t share your files in mediafire, I m always getting some disturbing advertisement pop-up. You use google, pasteall, dropbox.

Thanks for reply Erik.

  1. My PC is a Ryzen 1700, 32gb ram, SSD OCZ, AMD RX580 8gb vram
  2. Yes, don’t change, even with factory setting (activated only Autorun phyton scripts) don’t work
  3. With a low poly meshes (under 1000 poly) no problem, not a bolt, but is acceptable. With previous versions (I’m not sure, Blender 2.76 or 2.75), I had no problem and was fast enough even with dense meshes.
  4. Yes, for this reason, I uploaded a new version with bone correctly aligned with mesh (the result is the some)
  5. I rigging only for posing purpose, I work in collectable industry, and using rigify for my purpose

for your convenience, if you need here the file on google drive.

and here a light version, some result

  1. Are rigging the same way i m doing here-> That is your model and it took me 3min, now because i had the screen recording on and other app but before i tried several time only 2mins.

  2. Do you have other app, CPU intensive, running in the background?

I forgot to try with older version on Blender.

Edit: i tried with an old build that is collecting dust here from 23/02/2016 I actually having the same time result with latest version of Blender about 2mins

Thanks for your time and sorry for my delayed reply.
I solved, was not a blender problem, but my windows had some weird, incomprehensible issue and not only blender but also Zbrush didn’t work correctly. After a fresh installation now all work correctly.

Thanks for your time and forgive me for my late reply. Solved the problem, was not blender, but windows had some weird registry issue, uncompressible issue, and not only blender, but also Zbrush had some problem. Now, with a fresh installation, all work smoothly.
Thanks again