Parrots Sunset

HI, all!

I was here last time about year ago - somethings changed but not my 3d modeling passion. I want to share my latest project. I know it’s not perfect but I’m quite happy with results :smiley: It’s my second work in similiar technique so if somebody wants to see first one I will be more than happy to publish it here (first one make some notable “like” count in FB groups and artstation :D). Regards !


Very nice! Makes me want to see the macaws closer.
Now you’ve got me curious, I’d love to see the first one you made :slight_smile:

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Thanks :smiley: Unfortunately I didn’t make any renders of macaws fronts cause their legs wasn’t too good :smiley: If you want to look previous one go to my artstation profile (same name as here) or wait for tomorrow and I’ll upload it here (If I wont forget to do so :P)