Part of imported logo is missing


I’ve imported a text logo into blender (from an .ai file), the text is “Perles Creation”, the logo appears properly but when rendering it, I see that a part of “a” letter is missing.
I converted it to mesh and then I see clearly that an entire part of “a” letter is not filled (see screenshot below)

I already selected the unfilled part and type F key, but it doesn’t work…

Any idea how I can fill that area? Why does that happen by the way??

Thanks in advance,



I can’t begin to guess why it happened, but it is easy enough to fix…

Start at one end, selecting vertices which form a triangle, then hit the F key. That triangle will fill. Deselect all reselect the next to fill in the adjacent triangle, working your way down the stroke until you’ve got the whole thing done. Shouldn’t take you more than 60 seconds or so…

Thank you beefcalf, I will do it that way.

there might be an even easier way. If you could upload the .blend file before you convert to a mesh I could have a look at it. Sometimes holes like these are caused by some overlapping in the curves