Part of object missing

I have this strange occurrence where I have an object textured, rigged everything, it was working fine, then for some unexplained reason part of the object disappears when I start the game. Most of the object is there but there is just, almost like a cut out missing.

This object was working last time I used the file, but now…

I also noticed it carries through with duplicates. I had a suspicion I might have somehow made a vertex group and done something but I’m not very strong there.

anyone heard of a similar case?I couldn’t find one with the search.

Thank you


  • Check the face normals. They should point outside.
  • Check transparency. Opaque materials do not need transparency.

Than you for the response That was apparently not the issue but I was able to get around it, I think, I appended the file to a new blend then appended that back to the original, and all was back to normal. I know that’s probably not the proper way, but it worked this time.

again thank you!

This could be a compatibility issue between different .blend versions. I saw this a few times in the past. In most cases triangles were plain black, with no chance to get it colored the way it should.

Thanks for posting your solution :smiley: