Part of the mesh weirdly working just like boolean modifier in object mode

Hi, I’m modeling something where I need to use boolean modifier to create windows and doors to my model. It works nicely, but now when I created some details to my object in edit mode, it seems that they also works as boolean if they are touching the certain part of my object. If I move them little, they seem to work nicely. I’m not sure if this is a bug, or something else?

Here is the blend fileä.blend?dl=0

Anyone knows?

Please? Anyone never had the similar situation and knows the solution? This makes my model unusable, because random objects makes random holes to the mesh. :S

this is so weird

Okay, since no one has no idea of what happens here, I made a bug report

Hey Buddy !
I think it comes from the fact that you have Ambient Occlusion on in viewport settings. Try changing this to off, and tell us if it worked ^^

EDIT #01: I say this because it looks like an AO effect…

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Thanks for the answer. Sadly ambient occlusion does not fix this. :confused:

Hey !
So… Another option could be that you need to re-calculate your normal. Or, it’s still the AO, but because you have some undesired vertices (undeleted for exemple).

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It’s not a normal or AO problem, i had observed this on some of my models, it’s the boolean modifier that can unfortunately fail when there are part of the boolean-affected meshes going inside of other meshes part, like this :

Seems like it’s puzzling the boolean code, as if i move the vertices them so they don’t get inside part of the mesh, it works without obvious problem:

2 possible solutions :

  • the easy one is to select what is going wrong for the booleans :

Press P -> Selection to separate them into their own objects, remove the booleans modifiers affecting that new object (as it serves no purpose for them) and they will never go affected

  • the one with some more work :
    make it so those meshes aren’t going through each other anymore (some snap to face probably could make it faster and amore accurate).

Thanks for clear explanation. I fixed this by separating objects from the main mesh and then removing the boolean from them. Then I applied the boolean to the main mesh and joined objects back together.