Partial Mesh on Fire

Hi all,

I only started using Blender 3 days ago, so I’m trying to learn Modelling by attempting to make Pokémon (they don’t have too many details on them, so imo perfect to begin)

This is my model so far:

My problem lies in the flame on the tail.
By searching for tutorials I found a way to add fire to my model, but it gave next result:

it fried my Charmander…

I could only find ways to put an entire mesh on fire, and I’m looking for a way to just light the tip of the tail on fire.
Vertex groups appear to be the way to fix that, and I’ve been messing around in an attempt to get it right, but I couldn’t.

Can anybody explain to me how I can reach my goal?

Thanks in advance.

In the fire/smoke emitter tools there should be an advanced tools section where you an apply a black and white texture map to define where smoke is emitted from.

Thank you soo much!

Here’s the result:

I did actually use the vector groups, but the option was right next to the one you specified.