Partially extruded curve, is it a bug?

I don’t know if this is a bug. When I try to dispense, extrude only partially.
Does anyone have a solution or an explanation for this?

Below Blender file.

Logo-PRMan.blend (498 KB)

Try to bring scale of your (imported?) curves to reasonable values.

I havent imported the curves, but I made it with Blender, and are just two different objects and not individual curves.

And still the “wonky” curves have divergent mean radii:

Select these divergent curves in Edit mode and manually set their mean radius to the same value the “correct” curves have (BTW, not sure what’s with those strange values for the mean tilt…).

Don’t know how you managed to get to these but

radius, weight and tilt are very different from the rest of the curves. Select misbehaving splines and alt+T to clear tilt, then set the same weight and radius as the others. After that it should be fine

What is the reason of letters being in outer space then? If i bring them in grid scale is 0.003; this is not how normal Blender’s Text object add works.
These are separated letters “an”, so either this is a bug or result of some manipulation:

Thanks guys this was one thing that I didn’t know could influence the extrusion … How many things cabbage has Blender.

A little explanation on how I did it: for some letters I started adding a curve and then in some cases I have some duplicate vertices to make other letters and other I used the left mouse + CRTL to add new vertices. Maybe this way of working creates trouble.