particle animation loop?

im wanting to make an animated icon with a fire… done by particles.

to have the fire at full force the particles have to start in the - frames.
but when the animation loops… the fire is shoppy at the loop… is there a way to get the particles at the last frame to lign up with the first frame to match the loop of the animation?
is the link to the animation for reference so far

Tricky, but here we go:

Lets say your logo is 10 frames. Create a flame animation that’s 15 frames long

Now go into the sequence editor and add the scene in twice with a 5 second overlap and a croiss fade

Now render 10 frames from 5 - 15. The fade should be seamless and the 5th frame from each should match up.

Hmm - Hope I got that right - I’ll go try it now just to see.

scene it twice with overlap and crossfade?! ok… im SO lost >.<

What he means is: You can’t get the particles to line up at different frames, but you can simply do a cross fade between the begining and end in the sequence editor so that the jump between frames is not so obvious. I’d post a screenshot, but I’m logged on to a computer which does not have blender on it. It’s difficult to explain, but I’m sure you can figure it out.

guess ill have to look into it…

i was HOPING to rig it where the # of perticles emitted was compound to the verts of the mesh being each vert emits a particle one at a time… and when all the verts have had thier turn… the pattern starts all over again till the desired # of particles has been emited…

Last night i TRIED to coincide the timing of that pattern repeat with the frames i needed… but first attampts didnt bode so well… im wondering if the hash setting on the mesh is making each instance of the pattern different each time.

in theory it is possible…
a 10 vert mesh emitting 100 particles in a span of 10 frames… would be the desired result… but to give the continious effect… adding another 10 framed and doubeling the particle output to 200 should still be the same repeating pattern of 100 per 10 frames…

ill work on it and see what i can come up with

I’m sure it can be done, because I’ve done it myself, for a flash sig.

Oh, wait, here’s the blend file.

I did it over a year ago, though, so I don’t quite remember much about doing it. I think a lot of it was trial and error.

Some things of note, though: I didn’t have any random velocity for the particles. I also had it only emit from vertices, to eliminate randomness.

Also, I’m sure I had some relationship worked out between start + end times, particle life, and number of key positions. I’ve long forgotten it, though, sorry.
(Maybe the number of particles in my mesh have something to do with something, too)

ok i think i MIGHT have found a way to get it to work… but it seems 2/3rds of my render attempts are turning out as negative images… with dark as light and light as dark. the other 1/3rd times its normal…

another way…

say the anim is 15 frames long, running from frame 1 to frame 15.

one particle emmiter emits from frame 1 to frame 15

and an exact copy of the particle emiter, eccept this one emits from frame -14 to frame 0

that should loop fine, and no need for a crossfade.

yogyog was right… funny thing was i was working ont rying that out AS you posted >.< minds that think alike huh?? well as you can see ive replaced the file and it animates perfectly now!vand its -18-1 and 1-21