Particle Clouds

(Shifter) #1


I made some dark clouds by using a particle-system and a Halo-Tex.
What do you think about this pic ? (sorry bout those mountains :wink: )
Does anybody know how to add some appropriate lights ? I think this is the
hardest part of it all – to get the moooooooood :stuck_out_tongue: .


(IMProvisar) #2

Top half of the image is very nice… but what’s with the blue glow off towards the horizon?


(Shifter) #3

The blue glow is supposed to be the horizon and is the result of a neglected
world-setting in blender.
The mountains, sky, etc will be gone after postproduction. I added them
to avoid getting lost in the void (perspective).
Right now we are working on a Fantasy trailer. The clouds are
supposed to be building up from the back, electricity fills the clouds,
moving to the front and over the viewer (camera), only to release a devestating lightning-bolt vaporising the evil.
Should be no poblem for the first-time-blender-user :slight_smile:


(Dittohead) #4

nice, but i know you can do better on the ground. :wink: