Particle color based from position where it is emitted, Blender 2.8

Looking for a way to set the color of each particle to the exact color from where it was emitted.
The goal is to make a 2d image plane dissolve effect, but I am not able to change the particle color.

Here a screenshot from another soft of how it should behave:

And here how it currently looks in Blender 2.83:

Thanks for any hints!

I believe you can only do that with uvs at the moment. The texture coordinate node has a checkbox with “from instancer” which makes the particles use the emitters uvs.
edit: works with generated as well.


Thanks for the help, this looks exactly like the thing I am looking for.

I solved it with your help, realised that the texture preview is not correct, in render preview it looks like I want. Will create a video tutorial for this…

Ah, the texture preview renders with EEVEE. I think this is Cycles only feature at them moment.

The video tut to your answer, to help others with the same question: