Particle Deflection II

Hi everybody… now my problem is a little more complex…

I made a semi-spherical mesh, like a cereal bowl, and set it as a particle deflector, with permeability 0.0 and normals pointing outwards. Then I put my emmiter above it, with a negative z-force and a positive x-force on the particles, so that they would fall in the bowl. But when I animated…

That’s the problem. The particles are passing through the bowl, and I couldn’t figure out why.

If somebody has an idea, please, tell me!

Thanks, Caio

please find a real image host

i don’t see the pictuer either, but try this:

  • maybe a normals problem, try flipping the bowl-normals
  • always hit “Recalc” to update particles. the same is achieved of you enter and leave edit mode of the particle emitter.

…this should make it work

I changed picture’s domain. Maybe now you can see it.

About the project, I tried flipping the normals, but it got even worse. And yes, I did all the recalcs, but it still didn’t work.

Any other suggestions?

Thanks again, Caio.

Try increasing the number of Keys on the emitter and the Damping on the deflector.

Also, make sure your normals are facing the right way. The particles will only collide with faces which have a normal facing them.


Try making another mesh inside the bowl and use that for deflection. It works once in a while for me. It may be random, though, so I wish someone would fix that.

hm… just an off the wall check… did you try removing doubles THEN recalculating the normals?

Thanks to everybody that answered this post. Finally, after a lot of work, I solved the problem. :smiley:

Even after setting all normals towards the particles, they were still passing through my bowl. I tried creating a new object inside to use as deflector, but it didn’t work. Increasing the key number just postponed the bad effect, not actually solved it.

The only thing that solved the problem was decreasing the damping value, which was initially set to 1. When I set it to a value near to 0.6, the particles stoped getting through my bowl. I finally got them under control! 8)

Now, another question: I put in the bowl a glass material, with raytracing parameters. But when I rendered I noticed that the particles don’t appear behind it. Is this a blender limitation or I have to set some special parameter?

Once again, thanks to all that helped me.


You have to use ztransp to get particles to be seen.

Allright… gotta change my project in this case… :wink: