Particle Demos!!! and possible module

here is 3 simple demos of my particle system.
I just made it in a few hours so its not quite complete.
Alot of it is done inside a module I created, but it is still very reliant on logic bricks. I would like to get rid of that and make it into a single module that would be separated into 3 parts. Emitter, Particle, and Deflector.

I am most likely gona start all over and do a complete re-write. I am gona try to aim for sumtin very very similar to the current animation particle system. Possibly even emiting from faces, or mabey even Vector particles on a small level

well here is the link
there are 3 .EXEs and the 3 .blend files that you can take a look at

download it, and tell me what you think
or of any suggestions you may have, or bugs.

Well, the runtime is different than the .blend? Which version of blender did you use? That may be the hang up. Looks fine in blender 2.37 Ultimate.

Oops! yea your right. I was working realy fast yesterday and making alot of mistakes. I have a ton of different versions of blender, mostly test builds along with the latest alpha release, and I also have Ultimate.
They all have their shortcuts on my desktop, so it is very likely that I may have accedentaly used multiple versions when workin on it.

but you dont get any errors in the console when you run the blend correct??? nothing like you cant import a certain module or anythine like that right? cus if you cant import the math module then it dont work right.

If it is running correctly then the individual partical motion should be random.

HMMM it also seams that in my rush I completely forgot to put the latest zip on my server.

OK it is fixed now