Particle edit mode problem.

If I have hair particles that are some objects, for example grass or trees. Can I go to particle edit mode and still see them as grass or trees? Now when I go particle edit mode, I see everything as “hairs” and it makes it little hard to tweak anything if I don’t see what I am doing. :confused: I mean it’s almost impossible if my forest suddenly become furry field.

There is also other things in particle system that makes it very hard to use / makes it feel like that it’s very limited. :confused:

Some settings are not working properly in particle settings. For example if i try to have different rotation for every child particles. Or every particle. I have no idea what settings would do it and i have to tweak everything like crazy and some settings does nothing, no matter what value i input there. the “end product” in most of cases after this kind of “tweaking” looks like pile of something except what i wanted it to look like.



If you change the particle settings to render as an object then the object will appear at the origin of each particle.

The key characteristic of hair particles is that they are rendered as a path.
That is each particle is a progression of vertex points and the hair is built from this.

The other things you mention you are going to have to be more precise if you would like some help

Hope this helps


Thank you for answering. I don’t know was that my question even any realistic problem. I was already almost sure that it cannot be done in Blender. But thanks anyway. :slight_smile: