Particle Emission problems

Hi there,

First of all i have to say im not quite sure if this is the right area to post questions about the particle system :stuck_out_tongue:

I set up Particles to emmit from the wings of my warrior. and they do… for the first 250 frames. everything works perfect, the global effects and lifespan and the amount of particles are all perfect. However when it gets to frame 250 they continue to emmit but the Global effects seem to stop working, as you can see in my screenshots below.

Is there something else i should be changing so that the global effects continue up untill the frame that i already specified for emmiting particles?

First Pic is at frame 250 (the last frame with apparent global effects)
Second Pic is at frame 350 (first frame with 100% of particles without global effect)

EDIT: When i render Animation frame 600 the particles are indeed effected by global effects… strange… when i tried rendering a full test animation with a sphere emmiting similar particle effects i did NOT render the particle global effects past frame 250. i am SO confused :smiley:


Under the Bake tab change the end frame from 250 to you final frame number

sneeky little bake tab :o Thanks lol now i ill get to work finishing it… :smiley: