Particle hair/fur problem!

Hi! I have a problem with my model, i’ve made fur on it with “even distribution” on. The problem appears when i try to animate my model. When the mesh deforms, it starts to generate new hairs all over the mesh. I know why this is happening, but what i would like to know is there any option to “freeze” the fur before animating it.

Hi welcome to Elysiun! Yes, there is a static button, unless you clicked animate the one next to it. Chances are your model is moving not your fur…and thus revealing itself outside the model surface. Parent your fur mesh to the other object and try it again? I’m still trying to figure out animating the fur, as mine just stays static??

Thanks for replying so fast! It helped, but now it’s static as you said. I have to add a request for button that freezes the particles as they are for additional editing (something like apply deformation). It would be very helpful for collapsing guided particles.