Particle hair interaction

Hey everyone, so I have been working on a hairy character in Blender(rabbit). The character wears something like a band or a belt across its chest. I have tried without success to make the hair collide with the belt as it grows, so it looks like the belt actually has mass and pushes the hair around. However, the hair keeps growing straight through the belt. Can I please get some help on how to make the hair deflect and interact with the belt? Thanks a lot in advance, and please patiently direct me if this question has been answered before.

On the belt, if it’s a plane with no thickness, then you will need a solidify modifier. Hair didn’t work with planes for me on the test blend I’m using.

Also, as far as the hair goes, you need to have a lot of hair segments for high accuracy physics like this. Not the render/display segments, but the physics segments, which is right under the “Seed” option at the top of the physics properties tab.

In the “hair dynamics” tab, you might want to make the stiffness a bit higher. Maybe 1.5 or 2? Just a preference, but it may help. Then you’ll want to make the “voxel grid cell size” smaller. Then, make the quality steps very high, like 32 or even 64, depending on whats going on.

There will most likely need to be more done to make things work better, like make the size of the models bigger, and some faking of the fur being affected by the belt.