particle hairs


I’m trying to add fur to this cat model only I’m having problems with the whiskers. I don’t want hair added to them of course but its almost impossible to weight paint the face without accidentally selecting the whiskers. I tried hiding the whiskers in edit mode but they just reappear in particle edit. I know I could cut the stray hairs off but to be honest selecting individual vertices on the whiskers is a nightmare and would take me ages to do them all. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


A couple of suggestions:

  1. Use Vertex Group selection tools* to exclude the whiskers from the hair particle system, rather than weight painting, or

  2. Make the whiskers a second particle system, as in my jaguar model – this allows individual hair placement using the Add tool in Particle Mode

*In Edit Mode, under Properties>Object Data>Vertex Groups are the tools to Assign, Remove, Select & Deselect vertices from Vertex Groups, much more accurate than Weight Painting.