Particle help - possible script

Greetings all!

I’m trying to achieve an effect with a particle system. If there is a common way to achieve it, I’m just not working it out or finding it. I’m still in the formidable stages of Blender learning, so its possible I’ve missed something more obvious. :confused: If not, it occurred to me that there might be a scripting solution to it, though scripting is still a bit beyond me. So any help/ideas would be appreciated.

The short version is; I’d like to alter (reduce actually) the lifespan of the particles over the course of the particle system’s run.

Although it isn’t a fluid simulation, if you imagine a faucet with the particles falling with gravity… turn off the faucet and you would expect an end of the particles to fall. But I’m not wanting to have an end of the particles falling down, but to appear to be weakening to the point of stopping. (If any of that made sense :o)

My thanks in advance for any help/thoughts/ideas you can offer.