Particle math errors

Hey everybody,
I am creating a scene with snow falling on some text objects. By turning on the “sticky” button in my particle system and setting the text object to be a collision object it almost works. The problem is that the snow only briefly hangs on the object and then just falls right through the mesh. I have set both Damping and Friction at 1 on the collision objects.
Here’s the interesting thing. It works just fine with simple geometry like a cube. The snow lands on the cube and sticks just fine. As the geometry of the collision object becomes more complex, I start to see the snow begin to slide off of any face that is not level to the horizon. When the face count reaches a certain level, the snow hits the mesh, slows down, and then falls right through. Also, some faces do not even “catch” the snow. Enabling the RK4 physics integrator provides a slight improvement.
My assumption is that this is a math error, but I may just be missing some quality setting.
Any ideas?

I believe you are correct that it is a math error. A workaround may be to make a low-poly version of the text that doesn’t render, to do the particle simulation.

I have tried that route. The problem I have is that I can’t get a low enough count which still preserves enough of the integrity of the original object to be convincing. I have even eliminated the faces which never get hit by the snow. Actually, the problem begins at a really low count. It may have to do with the high particle count and long duration. 1000 particles over 7 minutes NTSC or 12600 frames.

Have you tried seperating the low-poly version into different objects? So maybe each face is a different object?

Hey, that makes sense! I have reduced each line of text to one object, and then hand drawn a really simple mesh just where the snow is likely to land. This has brought the error rate down to an acceptable level, but I will try making each letter a separate object.