Particle Motion Tab - Can't find it?

Hi, Needless to say I’m a newbie. Anyway, I’m following a tutorial that involves adjusting settings in the ‘Particles’ panel. This I’ve done with no problems.

However, it then refers to settings in the ‘Particle Motion’ tab, which isn’t there? All I can see is a tab that says ‘Bake’

Can anyone help?

Is that the only tab you see?

The only tabs in the Particle panel are: ‘Particles system’ and ‘Bake’
The panel next to it reads: ‘Physics’
The next panel reads: ‘Visualization’
And next to that: ‘Extras’ and ‘Children’

You’re probably using a tutorial for an old version of blender. The particle system changed a few versions back.


This is exactly what you should see in the Particle Buttons.
Maybe the tutorial is for an older version of Blender and these settings have been moved since then.

Could you provide some names for these settings or give us a link to the tutorial?

Here it is:
It’s on page 35

I’m gradually working my way through all 24 of them whilst reading a ‘dummies guide’

Here’s a link to the tutorial…
It’s on page 35

Thanks for your help

Page 35…on this site… for your help

Actually, I’ve now tried to forward the url three times but it won’t let me post it to you. Thanks for your help