particle painting

hi guys,i want to set a particle system then paint for example some objects on a surface,like when you want to make a garden full of flowers and and different sorts of plants,i guess that its possible to that using particle system,but how,please help me guys. :frowning:

The best thing I can thing of is using hair!

  • Set up the particle emitter to hair
  • Emitter>Hair =0
  • Go into particle edit and place the hair where you want your objects
    • Click Add and set count to 1 (default). Reducing the radius will allow for more accurate placement of particle
  • Back in the particle system go to Render and click on Object
    The options then appear to select the object (flower, etc) that you want to place instead of hair, and then use the options to vary the scale, rotation, etc.

This can then be repeated for each type of object - one particle setting for each type of object.

what u say works,but when i am adding the objects(flower ,…)they are not being shown immediately and i should exit from particle edit mode to object mode to see my flowers :),i saw what i say on a video,that guy was planting his flowers like how i say,is there any way to do that ?!

Not sure what you mean.
If you set the object to the flower then they will appear as flowers when you go exit particle edit mode after ‘planting’ them. If the hair is long enough you will see a line emitting from the face to show where it is. If you want to see the flowers in particle edit mode, then I don’t know if this is possible. Do you have the link to the video? That would be very helpful.

Okay… just did some fiddling - If you are in weight paint mode, as you paint the surface, then the plants appear, but you then have a number of plants as specified in Particles>Emission. Obviously more can be added later, but this gives you less control over where the particles/plants are located.

That was a long time ago (5 years). Unfortunately that doesn’t work any more as far as I know. You can still add groups, though, and have blender select a random object from the group, or cycle through them, etc.

another way would be weight paint (vertex group)