Particle problem in car crash. Any ideas?

I made a simulation with some particles and ground detection where the car hit the ground. Basically its dynamic paint and a modifier to remove the area that is under 0.01 weight.

Works fine until frame 81 where the particles just disappear or change… I assume its the children of the particles but i have not found a way to fix this.

Baking the particles is the same. Deleting and setting the particles up again is also not working… I could try to import it into a new scene…

Here the frames and particle settings…

With this i am looking forward to the new particle system with nodes… STILL NOT FIXED
But i tried:

1: Delete all the particle systems…
2: The first one has now the children and not the second
3: I also tried to copy everything to a new file which also worked

When i fix this there will be a final render here on blenderartist.

I know now the problem but i dont have a solution for it.

The ground where the car touches the ground has a VertexWeightEdit that mask areas where the weight from the dynamic paint is less than 0.1. When a frame is reached where the car is not touching any ground for long enough and therefor the mesh disappears where the particles spawn from the children are gone.

Rather complex and when anyone has an idea throw it at me.