Particle Snow - Animated GIF


just did a another animated GIF for my company’s Partner Portal ;). It’s the header graphic for December.


I used Blender Particles for the snow:

that’s realy cool.
So now we never know if we’ll gonna see a blender work. Its comming everywhere :wink:
goood job.
nice and clean

That’s pretty cool. I like it.

Thats a nice effect Thoro. It looks really good. Very professional. :smiley:

It looks nice, but you should know that it takes a long time to load on a slow connection.

Thank you! I’m glad that you like it.

I’m aware of the fact that this image is a huge file (486 KB), but it is only used on our Partner Portal, which is used exclusively by business partners with broadband connections.

I would never dare to make a big one like this for our public website ;). The animated GIFs there are very small like this one I finished a minute ago (14.5KB):

Is Flash an option for your public site? You should be able to get a smaller file size on export. The plugin prompts for users without the flash player could be seen as a drawback though.

That is some great snow. By any chance could you give us the particle and material settings. I would love to know what they are.


that file size is quite abit
I took a shot at reducing the file size for you .

I Cut all the frames but three …
and you can barley notice the difference really

76.k is the smallest I could get it without too much distortion or a noticable loop …

Hope that helps some .

ec2: I’m doing Flash animations for our public website, but I think animated GIFs are the best for small animation loops like this one. I prefer Flash for animations for more complex (and interesting) animations using PNGs with Alpha channel and path animation.

Shard: Thanks, I’m using a loop trick by phlip I found here on Elysiun. Here’s a link to my blend file.

MGK: Hehe, thanks for your effort - 76KB is a good result :). As mentioned before, filesize was not an issue in this case, so I was using a longer loop on purpose. For a smaller filesize, I would shorten the loop time in Blender.


I like iT!

well… it looks good, but it needs some time to load. so the first 10 seconds the animation stucks pretty bad.