Particle System is messing up

For some reason my particle system started displaying the particles in the incorrect places. When I turn simplify off, the particles are in the correct place, when I turn it on, they move around. The scene never had any problems switching back and forth between the simplified view and the more detailed view, but now, no matter what I do I can’t get the particles to show up in the right spot when simplify is turned off. It seems like a glitch and it happened right after blender crashed on me. Any ideas if there is any way to get the particles to show up in the right spot?

EDIT: Never mind, I had a Subdiv modifier on the mesh that had the particle system that I accidentally turned on and didn’t realize it was affecting the location of the particles.

Gald you’ve solved the problem. Now could you edit your post and set the prefix to be ‘[SOLVED]’? Thanks!