Particle system on texture

Is there a way to have a hair particle system that emits meshes follow the color of the models texture?
Basically i’m trying to create a football field and I need the white lines to be white.

Thanks in advance.

Yes, if you have applied a texture and the model is uv unwrapped. It works with both Hair Particles and Geometry Objects for the hair. If you choose to have geo, make sure the geometry object’s (your grass stand in) material has the same mat and texture, but as single-user copy, and ‘From Dupli’ ticked on (see picture).

Nice tip mobimo! I always wondered what that From Dupli checkbox was used for.

Hi, I can’t get this technique to work with Cycles, don’t know what I’m doing wrong.
Can someone help me to make it work?

Here is my test file:

Thanks in advance

bump for a cycles setup!

Basically the same solution as in BI. Check the “From Dupli” box in the Texture Coordinates node.