Particle System Rotation Not Working?


I’m using a particle system that emits a group of objects placed in a different layer. To add more variety to the scene, I’d like to not only spawn randomly sized objects, but also affect the objects rotation. I’ve been playing around with the “Rotation” settings and literally nothing is happening. I’ve tried restarting blender and all, but no luck. And yes, the rotation box is checked off.

I’m currently using Blender 2.63a 64 Bit on a Mac Pro running Lion.

Here’s a preview of my settings, if it helps.

Any help would be appreciated! Thanks,

  • Rick

Same here. The rotation won’t work. If someone has a clue. LeHibou

I have the same problem, using 2.64a. I played with various settings on a very simple particle system and could not get the rotation to work at all. I even tried rendering some frames in case it was just a viewport issue, but still no luck. I am creating an asteroid belt, to work around this issue I made a group of asteroids and animated the rotation of each object on different axis. Then instruct the particle system to use that rotation. It works but would be nice if we could just check the little box :smiley:

Yup doesn’t work for me either.

i’m surprised more people aren’t commenting on this. it does seem like a whole bunch of the controls for angular velocity are broken. so far the only way to get any rotation seems to be to check dynamic and choose velocity/horizontal/vertical from the pulldown menu. the rest seem to have no effect, most notably “random” which is what i want!

For what it’s worth I’ve had this happen, and if I click on advanced, and select Physics ‘No’ and then select back to ‘Newtonian’ (or whatever it was) it refreshes and they are rotated properly. Also changing the number of particles (even by 1) refreshes it. Worth a shot I guess.

It works for me. First, don’t forget to set the Cache Step to 1. The default value of 10 often leads to glitches. Then…

If you deactivate Dynamic, the particles just appear rotated. With dynamic, they spin and the Angular Velocity sets the speed of the spin.

No magical trick… :no:

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ok i’ve narrowed down the issue a little more. if your particle system is being affected by force fields, then random angular velocity has no effect, but horizontal, vertical and velocity based spinning does. delete the force fields, and the random angular velocity does work.