particle system

Is it possible, to export something like grass made through the particle system in it’s particle form meaning, i want the particles to be easily controllable even after exporting to another software or is it only possible to convert to a mesh and then export.

Are you asking for an active link between two different 3D packages while being able to control the particles in one system from another?

yes that’s right.

All I can offer up to that are my ventures into using Blender to control the Windows desktop via direct calls to the win32.dll.

If you run the script in the attached BLEND file on a Windows system, you will see that the script takes over the mouse, moves it to another position, then right-clicks at that position.

Through clever programming, you might be able to use this technique to cause Blender to click another programs buttons (or run a script).

That might be the best bet. Come up with a way to simply run a script on each program via that programs scripting language. So if Blender was Managing MAYA, you would need a python script that launched MAYA via command line with instructions to run a MEL script as soon as it launches. The Blender python script would write the MEL script before it sent the launch command. Vice versa for the other client application.


ras_windows_automation.blend (315 KB)