particle systems

Hi all iv riged a carrecter it also has 3 particle systems, when i pose
the head or any part of the body the particle sytems dont go with it
how do i get this to work ? please help
Cheers Ralph…

≈The particles should go with the geometry they are produced from.
In this example the top face is the emitter of the hair particles. The geo is weight parented to the Armature which in turn is animated.

In oject mode it move with the body in pose mode its not conected

iv riged a character it also has 3 particle systems

3 particle system? Is it on the character mesh? Or did you create a different mesh and parent it to one of the bone?

hi ,the paticle systems are on the mesh. face has fur with weight paint map map the body has density and length
maps .after all was finished i conected the mesh to the rig now no particle are conected to the mesh in pose mode .in
object mode all ok

I find it strange ,how many thousend users here and no one came up with a
solution to the prob ,
I have found the prob ,in the modifiers options the armature must be above the particle systems.
then all is ok