Particle xystem is not mirrored - Why?

I’m modelling a horse at the moment and for this I’m using a mirror modifier. Before mirroring I firstly want to apply a particle system to the mesh in order to add some hair. However the hair is not mirrored afterwards, so that I have a complete horse, but only hair on one side. Why is that and what can I do mirror the hair as well?
Many thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

P.S. Sorry for the spelling mistake in the thread title! :wink:

Hm. I think the standard thing to do is apply the mirror modifier before adding the hair. However, I discovered that if the particle modifier is above the mirror modifier, it does one half of the mirror, and if it is below the mirror modifier, it does the other half. So I tried creating two instances of the same hair particle system, and putting one above the mirror modifier and one below it. Seems to work! At least in part…

Thanks for your answer. Yes, I discovered this strange behaviour myself and I think it’s something Blender should improve. But I didn’t have the idea to apply the particle system twice. It works quite well, although it’s a bit stupid :wink: