particles and lattices

is it possible to have a particle field effected by a parented lattice?

i have been experimenting now and although the lattice effects the emitter polygon it just dosent seem to control the particle field.

is there a way of doing this?


Try starting with a plane. add particle effect, turn up the norm speed, add a lattice and subdived it, deform and twist the lattice, then parent the emitter to it, and animate see if that works.

Particle control is described in manual & Online doc

Beware that control is somewhat ‘looser’ than you might expect


Particles do follow the lattices they are parented to, but not precisely. For example I use it to cause a cloud of sparks to be drawn up a chimney flue; but not every particle goes there. However, the particle layer is built so that the particles are masked by the shape of the chimney so any “errant” particles simply vanish from view. The effect of course is that they did go up the flue after all.