Particles and more random options

Currently we can vary the size randomizing it in all three axis at the same time but would be nice to randomize just X, Y, or Z. Same thing for the rotation. Btw, anyone knows if we can expect updates soon from Jahka?

I’m not expecting new features, maybe some bug fixes… I’m feeling that particles in blender is almost abandoned (from Jahka).

eversimo, I don’t understand you point, as far as I know Jahka is still working in the particles system, just an example:

This commit is from yesterday. Notice that the actual situation of Blender is in feature freeze until most of the bugs are fix.

I guess you could use the noise modifier in the Graph Editor on the X, Y or Z force affecting the particles. Though it may be slightly cumbersome but you’ll get more “control” over the random movement.

I think in the next year you will start to see some interesting particle stuff. Just a hunch.

Basically 3 great devs, Jahka, Farsthary, and Phoneybone getting in on the particle system. Too good.

It would be nice if they would incorporate some of the feature I have scripted in my A.P.E. script.

Atom’s Particle Extensions:

Seems unlikely to me that many new features will be added to the current particle system as a new one is already in the works. Lukas Toenne is working an a complete rewrite of the particles system making it a nodes based system (and adding programming nodes to blender), while getting rid of some of the technical short comings in the current one.

I’m sure he has a lot of work to do though so wish him good luck and god speed.

@ Atom: I had missed your stuff! thanks for the tutorials and the blend files, want to check them out soon.

Hope that the new node system can bring a fresh air and a revamped system. Actually, I think the work Jahka did so far it’s really great and if he’s being busy by fixing bugs I can see why we don’t have new featres added yet. On his blog I’ve read several interesting ideas but I cannot imagine the amount of work to do…
It’s a shame because I think Blender particle system has a great potential and could be a strong feature for the program itself.

as a new one is already in the works

Wow, another re-write. I guess I won’t be porting APE to 2.5. What’s the point if the current system is going to be abandoned.

@0knowledge: Where do you get your info on such secret things?