Particles at different locations in final render

Hello Blenderartists-Community,

I’ve been working on a basic logo animation for my YT-Channel using a particle system and the explode modifier. I’ve set up the camera so it pans out nicely, so when I play the animation backward, it would start with one single particle flying into the scene that’s then sort of followed by the others. Now I’ve encountered one problem while rendering: The particles seem to take different routes and it just doesn’t look how I wanted it and how it looked in the 3D viewport.

Here’s a screen from the same frame once in the final render and in the viewport. I’ve highlighted some areas where you can see the difference.

Is there some way to fix it so it actually looks the way it does in the 3D viewport?

Just a shot in the dark…I’m not sure if what you did is using children particles, but do you have “Render: 100” under the children panel? To make sure you’re rendering ALL the children particles?

There is no definitive way anyone can answer this question without the .blend. I’d suggest clearing the bake cache and baking all dynamics and see if that doesn’t update your 3d view port particles to how they look in render. Often these types of issues are caused by not updating your cache after making a seemingly innocuous change to the particle system.

Next like bikerpilot said check to see how many particles you are rendering in the 3d view port. Under the “Display” tab make sure the display number is 100. Just make sure to “bake all dynamics” and not just bake.

Oh, I didn’t bake anything :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks, it works properly now!