Particles collide

What are the extra settings to make 2 streams of particles collide, as shown in this clip:

This technique interests me as well.

I made an attempt at it. Feel free to check out the BLEND file. I am just guessing, but I set the particle types to object. I used two different cubes. Each cube particle I enabled collision. I also used RK4 solver. I also enabled Size Defelct for each particle system.

It still does not seem right, but maybe others can modify this file and we can get a solution?


25_two_particle_systems.blend (832 KB)

@Chelle: It’s quite easy. Create two planes and add a particle system to each plane and select “Fluid” to create a “looks-like-fluid” particle system.

The trick is, to select one plane, go to the particle system and look for “Multiple fluids interactions”. Click on the “plus” to add a new interaction and select the name of the other plane with the other fluid particle system.

After this, you’ll get this result :wink:

It is hard to tell if the setup is working, but here is another BLEND file with the suggested setup.


25_two_fluid_particle_systems_1a.blend (834 KB)

Thanks rfx “Multiple fluids interactions” is indeed how it’s done, great!

btw I found an interesting demo for this on blib:

Yes it works, if you delete one of the emitters you see the difference clearly. I guess once you start tweaking viscosity and such the interaction is more refined.


  • I have a setup with 3 planes (red/green/blue) and they all have a ParticleSystems (red/green/blue).
  • When I want to let these particles interact I use ‘Multiple fluids interactions’ (see pic.).

My question is:

Do I need to import all 3 particle systems in the ‘Multiple fluids interaction’ panel of each of these 3 ParticleSystems, or is it enough to do so for only one particle-emmiting plane?