Particles don't rendering at some frame

I have to do a sparkling line, i’m close to the wanted result but I trying to figure out one last problem.
When Blender is rendering the animation some bugs appear, at some point the particles are not following the move of the emitter. It seams to be at this moment just fixed.

It doesn’t appear on the viewport, only on the render. I looked at the random settings, but i still didn’t fing how to fix it.

Thank you for your advices :slight_smile: !


did you bake the Particleanimation!,

do you use alpha in the particlesystem?! Raise transparancy-Bounces under Lightpaths,

in Rendering do you use under performance/finalrender Persitant?! data turn off if checked.

Oh man thank you for your answer, you save my weekend.

I have baked the particle animationand it works !
I’m pretty new with particles, i have to learn about it deeper, especially whta bake is;

Thank you so much !

don’t work on weekends