Particles face camera

Hey All,

I’ve got a ground plane with some ‘2D tree outlines’ that I’ve made into particles. My camera is moving throughout the scene and I’d like to have the faces of the trees always face the camera.
The origin of all three trees in my group are at the base of the trees and the normals are all facing the same direction. My rotation is turned off in my particle settings.
I’ve tried a number of things including track to cam, track to a lookat target, etc. Nothing works exactly right.
I’ve tried applying the particle modifier and tracking to cam on each individual tree but it still looks bad.
Does anyone have any suggestions?

Thank you very much

Blender 2.71

If you want a textured plane continually facing the camera in the Particle / Render settings choose Billboardand set the camera as the billboard object.

If you want an object to continually face the camera, give the object a Track To constraint set to track the camera (see attached blend file)


track.blend (140 KB)

Billboard is only available for emission type particles, I’ve got these trees setup as hair type

Set your particles as emission type, and turn off physics so they don’t move. Then you can use billboards.