Particles follow curve, but not a curve from text

Particles follow a curve guide OK, as long as the curve is a nurbs, bezier, etc. But if I convert text to a curve (ALT C) it doesn’t seem to work. It seems to have an effect on the particle motion, but they don’t follow the text shape at all. Is it possible to have particles follow the shape of text?

Works here. Demo attached. TextCurveGuide278.blend (719 KB) You’ll have to have a curve guide per letter or try it in running writing.

Doesn’t work for me. Your file works, but when I try to create the same thing it doesn’t. How did you convert the text to a curve? I used ALT-C. Made a single letter into a curve, created a single vertex particle system, and set the letter/curve to “curve guide” but it didn’t affect the flow of the particles.

Alt C also. Your steps sound right to me. With the curve guide, there are two circles one at each end indicating the cross section of influence. Make sure they are small enough that their influence doesn’t overlap at any point along your curve. If they do it might have a cancelling effect. If you only see one circle it’s due to your curve being cyclic. You can toggle cyclic under curve properties.

To correct my previous post. You’ll need a curve per every disconnected loop. Lower case a, e, i, o, p etc need two. Uppercase B needs three.

This was a helpful video on curve guides:

Let us know how you go.

I have watched this tutorial and I can replicate all of the things he’s explaining. I want particles to follow a curve from text the way they are following the curve in the tutorial though, not just a single particle (sphere object) as in your demo. I will keep working on it and let you know. Thanks for your help.