Particles Hair system discution

+1 yes !

Having the possibility to use curves as guide would be nice.

What I would love to see is a depth to the comb function. it is really difficult to simply comb hair properly when everything under the mouse (you get what I mean, I hope) starts to move, not just the top layer.

The new system should be somewhat in place first (particle nodes/hair nodes), otherwise what to “suggest”? We don’t know anything about how it will be, what will be exposed to the user within nodes, tools etc…can’t see the purpose of the thread considering current status honestly.

Maybe some devs would come here and talk to us about their plans ?

BiggR +1 great idea !

Good ideas so far!

Guys, similar to what game developer´s did before, why not compile a document in Google drive, that anyone can edit and add to, and then pass the document on to Lukas? Not just text but detailed pictures of workflow and the likes? No guarantee anything will happen, but it´s certainly better for presentation. It would also be interesting to see if there would be an interest in sponsoring developer work for this to make sure it happens?

Great idea !
I will do that :wink:

My english is really bad as you know so don’t hesitate to post ^^

Hope nobody minds I took the liberty to start compiling ideas in Pitiwazous document :slight_smile: I tried to keep the suggestions short and concise, but I might have cut too much of the text at times. Feel free to edit yourselves. I also might have missed someones suggestion completely, as my contacts are getting blurry… I was going to add your pictures from the first page of the thread pitiwazou, but it´s getting late here :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: I added suggestions in order of appearance in this thread, so no favoritism :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Thank’s BrilliantApe, I was just thinking about doing the same :slight_smile:

Even if it’s great to start a thread full of suggestions(full rewriting,node approach,and so on),I doubt it will be never followed by developers.
I mean,if a developer started a rewriting he will do it as he want,this is the open source approach.
Without having to wait years for a rewriting I’ll prefer some fixing soon,to use what we have now a bit better(I have fur projects on hold since six/seven years).
Honestly I don’t think that for every feature missing we need a rewrite,better something soon that nothing for years.

They will rewrite, not fix the bugs.

Full rewrite and node approach are not suggestions from users, it’s devs plan. Fixing things in current system seems it’s almost counterproductive.
These are bugs archived few days ago:

From development project article:

Hair and Particles

The Gooseberry open movie project requires sophisticard control of hair and fur in animated characters. We’re still working on fixing and updating the old system, by replacing parts of this by newer code that’s more in control.

New is having much better control over physics simulation of hair, including proper collisions using Bullet. There will be a better hair edit mode and hair keyframing as well.

Ideally this was all meant to become a node system. For that, the outcome is still uncertain at this moment.
Working on it: Lukas Toenne

Likely to happen in 2015: 100% for working sims, 50% for nodes

I’m not against a rewrite(and I really like a node approach)but the idea that in the meantime nothing will happen for me it’s not a great thing.

@renderdemon, the rewrite hasn’t started yet, but some fixes and improvements are already in trunk, check the goseberry blog and you’ll see the things that have been improved while the full rewrite starts.

It looks like no dev is able or wish to fix current particle design.
So,actually, no rewrite means “nothing will happen” anyways.
And rewrite means “things will happen, after”.
Of course, it means a long road to restore all actual abilities but difference should be like working with actual blender and working with blender 2.4x.

I completely agree with you zeauro.
And that’s the reason I have expressed some skepticism.
At the first stages of the rewriting probably a lot of features will not work,so waiting for the full features will take years.
Anyway,this is the situation right now,probably the best option is trying to use guerrilla render like pitiwazou pointed out,really interesting(thank for the tip)