Particles in my System are Floating Against Gravity

I’m trying to figure out why some particles in my simple particle system will linger in the air before being influenced by gravity or a force field. They will generate above my tree object, of which the leaves are the vertex group for the particle system. It looks like they’re temporarily fixed normal to the leaves in the vertex group. It is disrupting my realism and I’m not sure what setting is doing this. I’m using this leaves vertex group as my render group under normal gravity (z: -9.81, untouched). I have tried this without the wind force field seen in the background and the same issue occurs. I’m not sure why they aren’t simply falling downwards.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Can’t really help without looking into the scene file…

Here, please take a look. My computer is mad slow when it comes to graphics processing so it’s hard for me to even analyze it. This dropbox link should have the blend file. I really don’t get why I can’t post with attachments ._.

I believe that is just how physics works. the generated particles are generated at rest, and need some time to be accelerated by the forces. in the velocity tab of the particle system you can configure an initial velocity.