Particles Making Particles Question

I have a plane as my particle emitter and a sphere as my duplivert that is being parented/used on the emitter… My question is, is there a way to have my sphere emit particles while itself is being emitted from the plane? so that all the spheres from my plane emitter are emitting something else?

Also how can I (with the same plane and sphere example) get the spheres to emit/spawn other spheres when the first ones die?

Also for the materials on a particle system… how can I get the material to change over time?

I am trying to get my explosion/smoke to look even more realistic… and I think this will do it, but have not been able to get it to work.

I’ve had a play with that and the short answer is no.

Don’t dispair, however, there are a couple of exceptions.

You can nest static particle emmitter inside a dynamic one (Oh, it’s tribbles all over again)

You can also use Generations, so that each dying particle can spawn a second generation of n particles (With a 0-100% probability that it will do so!). In this case, the total of all the particles int he system (1st + 2nd + … + nth generation) is the number of particles specified in the emmitter.

I have tried to get what you are saying to work, and can get the die materails to make new ones, and can have multiple textures, but only if I have the emitter being the only object… meaning no dupliverted objects… If I have a dupliverted sphere I cannot get spawned particles or the material to change.!?

So I dont know if I am just doing it wrong, but shouldn’t the dupliverted sphere still be able to spawn new ones and change material?

Here’s a particles making particles blend. First generation is red, second blue, third yellow and forth red again. There is an Icosphere parented to the emitter mesh, but dupliverts is not turned on so you’ll only see the particles as it is now. If you want to see some fun, zoom the camera out and set the Keys value down to about 10 or 15.


Thanks Fligh for the blend…, but I can’t seem to understand how the materials fade or get it to be a different texture… So thanks, but it still does not help… unless I can get a fade to work…

So is there a way to have a material node fade or even normal marterials fade to another material?

They don’t fade, they are assigned. In the Particles tab, under Children, you select (let’s say) Generation 0, and assign it a Material (in this blend it’s Mat 1 = Red) Number, Probability and life, Gen 1 another Material (Mat 2 = Blue) etc… These Materials must all be assigned to the emitter mesh or they can’t be accessed by the Particles.