Particles patch doesn't show

I downloaded the latest particle patch from Jahka and asked some people where
to unzip it to and someone told me to unzip it to the main directory and thats what I did
but it didn’t work as I didn’t see the new particle stuff. Can someone tell me the exact
directory to unzip it to?

Thanks in advance.

I thought you had to Compile a new build using the patch. There are ready compiled builds on Graphicall.


I downloaded a compiled build. I just want to know what directory in Blender to unzip it to.

Unzip it to its own folder inside the Blender folder or on the same branch as Blender is now, it matters little. If it doesn’t run because there are dll’s missing or somesuch just move the .exe into the Blender folder itself where it’ll find all the dependancies.


Ok, thanks a bunch Fligh. :smiley: