Particles reacting to gravity too fast

So I have a particle simulation and for some reason, the particles are reacting to gravity much faster than I want them to. I will also have a rigid body simulation later in the animation so changing the gravity value could be a solution but I’d prefer to leave it. Solutions?


You can set the effect of gravity just for the particle system in the Particle / Field Weights panel. The Scene gravity will then be unchanged for use with the rigid bodies

That didn’t fix the problem Richard. After more experimenting, I realized that it’s not the gravity. It is, in fact, the simulation running too fast. If there was a way to decrease the speed of the simulation, the problem should be fixed. And just so you know, the cache step for the particles is set to 1; so that’s not causing the problem.

EDIT: I found the cause of the problem. I just had to decrease the Timestep value under the Integration section under the Physics tab.