Particles self-collision

Hi everybody!

I know this question is asked many times in the past ( find 2-3questions about it in thread archives ) but never find the answer and I want to know if somebody find a solution.

It’s simple , I need simple ( just a radius or square collision detection) but solid collision. Like rigidrody or simple dynamic object in game engine.

The only near thing I find to date is tweeking with SPH. I put this setting:

Stiffness: 100    Repulsion:        100     boxchecked
Viscosity: 100    Stiff Viscosity:  0.0     boxchecked
Buancy:    0.0    Interaction:      0.45    boxchecked
                  Rest Density:     0.0     boxchecked
Springs: 0.0      Rest lenght: 0.0   boxchecked
Viscoelastic Springs: Uncheck

But it’s not accurate in all situation and the collision is not hard but soft.
Example: When the particles is really heavy(mass of 100 for example) , the collision is not correct, start to go inside each other. Probably be corrected by increase one parameter like stiffness or viscosity but 100 is the maximum you can put.

Any other solution then mine ?

Hey have you had any luck with this?

Could you explain the SPH thing a little more or link the post that explains it? I’m sorry I really just started using blender, but is SPH part of the fluid simulator that is already in Blender or a separate add-on?

I’m trying to get a pile of stuff, and am looking for anyway to do this. I’d prefer to find a way for particles that come out of an emitter to have self-collision so they fall on top of each other rather then inside each other. It’s possible I could use a hair particle system for the objects on the ground and a second for the ones in the air if I could get the “hair” objects not to go inside each other even with a lot.

For me it’s OK if it is kind of a soft-collision like what I have now my objects kind of fall through the ground-pane when they move a tiny bit, but I basically don’t want them half-inside of each other.

Could you explain the SPH thing a little more or link the post that explains it?

If you want proper object collisions use the physics system in the game engine.