particles to vertex group

this is hopefully simple but i am not managing.

in the attached file Olive tree.blend (969 KB) i am trying make a tree by assigning the branches to a vertex group and adding the leaves to that vertex group by a particle system.

however i am getting leaves on the trunk too!!

what am i missing?!?

In the modifier panel for the trunk, move the particle system above the sub-surface modifier.

Wow thanks it worked, however there are still a few particles on the trunk… Any way to remove those?


The time was not 0 an particle were falling. Solved not. thanks

For particle falling you need to set Gravity to 0.0 under Field Weights and set the Normal to 0.0 under Velocity (all located under the particle context). Then they will stay still.

Overall, your tree mesh is not dense enough to accomplish what you are trying to do. That is why some of the particles end up still on the trunk. If you make some really thin branches you will have more vertices to choose from.

Perhaps try out a tree from Blendswap that just has branches.

i was hoping to do small branches with leaves with the particle, make a variety of these branches then using the particle system i would add these small branches to the larger branches and trunk. (so i will be using particle system twice)

is this a practical way?

btw, the attached is still WIP so it will look better hopefully :slight_smile: