Particles (type: Emitter) at Mirror

Hi this is my first post in this topic :slight_smile: I’m an Italian boy and I have a question for you…
is there a way to see the particles (type: Emitter) reflected on a Mirror?!? (for example a fire in front of a mirror)

Thanks and sorry for my english byebye

Yes, you could use Environment Mapping for the Mirrors Material.

If you need more info:


thanks for the answer Patel I’ll try with the Env Map :slight_smile:

OK thank you !!! :smiley:

OK thank you !!!

Nice to see, it works for you.

Have Fun, Patel

sorry … another question!!! Sometimes there is a white edge around the reflected image (like in the picture)!!! what’is?!?

bye :smiley:

Is it possible to have a look in your blend file?
Its hard to say anything without knowing your settings.


sure!!! thanks for the help :smiley: and good evening!!!


EnvMap.blend (195 KB)

Sorry to say,
I played around with your file, but until now, everything behaves as expected.
I can’t recreate your problem with this file.
Was this happening with this file?

And you said:

Sometimes there is a white edge around the reflected image

Does that mean, only some renders look like this, without changing any settings?

It looks like the EnvMap does not handle the backgroundAlpha and/or Antialiasing correct.

Did you save the Map or is it created during render?


So you render right (without white edges)…
I tryed more files .blend, all with the same settings, but only little times it render right (for example the pictures with particles).
It create map during rendering…
I use Ubuntu… maybe is a bug !?! later i’ll try on windows :slight_smile: thanks anyway!!!

Nothing… also in Windows appear the white edges :frowning: I don’t understand where I mistake !!!
I followed more tutorials with the same result!!!
I setting the plane in this way:

  • move it in 2nd layer
  • change the reference object in “Empty”
  • add a new material
  • set the Ref & Spec material at 0.2
  • add a new texture
  • activate the Refl button in MapInput & Csp,Cmir,Ref buttons in MapTo
  • activate the 2nd button in “Don’t render layer”
  • change in Plane in the EnvMap window & press Free Data

Where I mistake?!? Any ideas!!! byebye good night everybody!!!

I’ve rendered your file with lots of different settings meanwhile, but still it is working correct for me.

I’m using Blender 2.49a for OSX by the way, just in case you’re using an older version.

Otherwise I have no idea, why this is working for me and not for you.


I use 2,48a version… I’ll try with the new version… bye !!! :slight_smile:

Hi I have installed Blender 2.49 and now it render right with envmaps :slight_smile: thankyou Patel!!! bye :slight_smile: