%| I know i’m gonna get reamed out for this (sorry).

I know that somewhere I saw that in one of the new testing build, where you can control the end of the particles (rounded, fade, sharp, etc.) without the use of a texture. It also incorporated the particle patch.

Does anyone know which one of the builds this is? All the threads there are kinda confusing. (if you can help, post a link to the right thread)

Sorry if this is an annoyance :expressionless:

Thanks in advance.

[spins up the drill] (smile pardner) :o

I had trouble remembering this too. The particle settings are under the Materials tab. “Strands.” Just below VCOL Paint. The code is in CVS so all the newer builds have the feature now. :slight_smile:

thanks. i’d never have found that. :smiley: