Parts not showing in render, help wanted

Hey everyone! I´m currently working on Blender cookie´s introduction to character modeling and trying to model my own “Kara”. It´s really fun and I recommend this series for anyone who is new to blender like myself. Anyhow, I was trying to render before I get to far in the process, and it turned out that there is something that is wrong. The body and the straps on her waist is not showing when I render as you can see on the screenshot. If anyone have the time feel free to check out the blend file and see if some settings is wrong, I cant find it. however, the modifiers are not applied in the file.

Thanks for your time

kara bad render.blend (988 KB)

You had restrict render on those objects. The camera icon was turned off so it will not include it in the render

However this led to another problem where the modifiers were acting up creating some odd things. I had to turn them off to get a clean render. But alas the shapes are now showing up.
before turning off some modifiers I was getting this,
Try a CTRL+A > Scale and rotation should fix those glitches on the pieces messing up.

OMG! Thank you sooo much for that! I really appreciate it.