Parts of wireframe missing in object mode

Hey everyone

I’m fairly new to blender and I am hoping someone can answer my simple question.

I’ve just started to model my first character in blender (version 2.45) and i think it’s going reasonably well. There’s just this one problem that is frustrating me. When I view my character in object mode using the wireframe parts of the mesh are not drawn leaving nasty looking gaps.

see the attached screenshot.

I can’t work out why this is happening. I’m running blender on a Mac OSX 10 powerPC, with ATI Radeon 9600 Pro if this information helps. If anyone could give me answer that would be great, as not being able to see the wireframe correctly when trying to place bones of an armature is a bit of a pain.


In Edit Mode, go to Mesh Tools 1 panel and pres All Edges button.
Now you’ll see all edges in Object mode.


Such a simple answer. Thanks alot Syziph.

My newbie head is no longer frustrated : )

also if you just zoomed in more on that area they would display. Blender is just trying to save a few CPU/render cycles.