Passing Dreams


This is my entry to Andrew Price’s competition, “Saying good-bye,” and so Suzanne takes leave over the sunny horizon.

Higher resolution

Recently I’ve used cycles exclusively, so this was my first project in awhile using the blender internal render. Originally, I decided to do it internally for the grass and then on top of it to do the hair for the monkey; the close up scale I wanted to get with the grass didn’t work at all with a hair particle system like I can usually manage, so I had to model strand of grass as object particle. Along with the fact that Suzanne’s hair didn’t turn out that great anyways meant I probably could have gone for a cycles render anyways (right now the part I dislike the most is the sketchy depth of field, but it’s still better than without it).

Compositing was all done in blender except my signature overlay, because I’m too lazy to mess with positioning that onscreen using nodes :wink:

As always, I greatly appreciate any support, comments, criticism, or questions!