'Paste Flipped Pose' button

Hey all,

I’m continuing the BSoD/Introduction to Character Animation (which I highly recommend to all my fellow newbs!) and I am creating a walkcycle. I have my first frame pose set to go and I’ve copied the pose to the buffer with the ‘Copy Pose’ button in the action window. Now the tutorial tells me to flip ahead to frame 11 and hit the ‘Paste Flipped Pose’ button which should be practically next to the ‘Copy Pose’ button. And the button is not there…

I’m assuming this is another version upgrade thing. Any help would be much appreciated!


If you have your armature in ‘Pose Mode’ it should be right there beside the ‘paste the pose from the buffer’ button.

The armature is in pose mode and in the action window I have the ‘Copy pose’ and ‘Paste pose’ buttons but not the third one that it shows in the tutorial.

I have version 2.47 of Blender for the record.

I found it! I only have the two (copy & paste) buttons in the action window, but I have all three in the 3D window!

It looks like my mistake was I thought those buttons were only in the action window and didn’t look for them in the 3D window. :yes: The pics in the tutorial shows the 3D window!

I had the EXACT same issue following the very same tutorial, and had a brief period frustration until I finally found that dang button hiding in the 3d window and not the Action Editor like I expected.

Wish I saw your post sooner, might have saved you some time and frustration as well.

Anyway, best wishes finishing the tutorial. It’s a pretty good one with great results.