Paste X-Mirrored Pose?

So I have been following this video, until 18:20, when he X-Mirror pasted his left arm pose to his right. When I tried to do so, this happened.

As you can see, the right arm is very wrong. I tried to do the same with another model, but the same happened. What happened to the feet was better, but still not exactly the same. Help please…

You need to tell us more here. Have you adopted the correct naming convention for the bones? Can you post an image - yours doesn’t show in your post. Can you upload a blend file to then post the link here, so we can look at your file?

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Cheers, Clock.

Yes, I adopted the correct naming convention for the bones. I think. I’m not quite sure. Could you take a look? Here is the link: Press Me!
And the pictures:


Anyone? Please… It has been a week without any progress… Please…